Jake Ice Cream - Jake' Ice Cream (Atlanta): Scam Artist

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Jake's Ice Cream (Atlanta) :

Jake is a snake and I know a few people he has ripped-off, by selling his franchises, for tens, to hundreds of thousands of dollars.He plays the confidence game well.

If you're thinking of doing business with him get hold of his credit report and Google him with the word 'scam'. Also ask around. I believe he is a sociopath, with no conscience, even though he seems to be most charming. He especially has gone after the *** community.

I think even associating with him is dangerous. He has a bad reputation with not paying employees; he'll fire them after two weeks pay-period without pay.

I don't know how he has avoided jail.The ice cream is good, even though I know he uses condensed milk....yuck!

Review about: Franchise.



Beko is actually right. People should look into his past.


You are full of ***, Beko. You are a disgruntled former employee who wouldn't know integrity if it bit you in the ***. I know Jake...and he is not a sociopath...or anything else you said...but you are a pathological liar and are in danger of a libel suit.

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